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All drug names are for informational purposes only. Self-medication is unacceptable, as it can lead to negative consequences. This information is not a recommendation, the patient himself is responsible for the consequences of using drugs without a doctor's prescription. Antibiotics in chronic forms of brucellosis were ineffective. The main role in these forms is played by the appointment of viagra drugs with nonspecific and specific desensitizing effects. In chronic forms, vaccine therapy is most effective, which is not only a desensitizing measure, but also stimulates the immune system.

After the illness, a spa treatment is recommended. Balneological clinics and resorts with sernoradonic and radon baths are best suited for such patients.


There is no specific diet specifically for brucellosis. At the same time, brucellosis is an infectious disease, the acute course of which leads to a significant expenditure of energy and other resources of the patient's body.

That is why the brucellosis diet should be as high-calorie and easily digestible as possible (so that the body spends as little energy as possible on food processing). During an exacerbation of fever (that is, during the period when there is a massive intake of Brucella and their toxins into the bloodstream), patients are advised to take as much fluid as possible in its pure form (up to 2-4 liters per day). It's a wayIt dilutes the blood and reduces the concentration of toxins in it, and also accelerates the excretion of toxic substances through the kidneys with urine. After the complete disappearance of all symptoms in 20-30% of patients, symptoms of the disease may reappear.

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Previously, the main cause of death in brucellosis was heart damage. Today, with the advent of new effective antibacterial drugs, the prognosis for life is favorable.

But the level of health, working capacity and quality of life after an illness always decrease to one degree or another. There is no specific effective vaccine against brucellosis for humans. The main recommendations for preventing infection are: Since vaccination is carried out with live weakened bacteria, getting the vaccine into the human body can cause disease. After contact with an animal infected with Brucella bacteria, even in the absence of symptoms, close monitoring of the patient's condition is necessary for 6 months. Brucellosis - the first signs, symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention of brucellosis.

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Brucellosis (lat. brucellosis) is an infectious disease characterized by multiple lesions of various organs and systems, transmitted to humans mainly from animals.

Infection occurs when bacteria come into contact with damaged skin or mucous membranes. The main symptoms of brucellosis are joint pain, high body temperature, severe weakness, headaches, lack of appetite, and insomnia. After the infection enters the body through microtraumas of the skin or mucous membranes, Brucella enters the lymphatic system and spreads with the lymph flow to various lymph nodes. In places of infection, regional lymph nodes do not immediately increase. Lymphadenopathy can form a little later and in a generalized manner, i.e. with massive damage to the body by brucella.

There are no clinical manifestations of the disease during this period, however, the immune system increases the amount of antibodies to the pathogen in the body.

The duration of the stage depends on the state of reactivity of viagra for men immune system, as well as the type and activity of the bacterium.

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